Monday, August 9, 2010

Lessons From Kids

Man,  it makes my day when someone reaches out to tell me their own sunshine!

This is from a friend on the Westside...

We were at Miguel's dad's house for a little party.  Miguel's 9 year-old sister was quite the little hostess -- so polite, not too talkative, not too shy.  After dinner she was trying her best to listen to us talk, but I guess she needed some help, so she went to get her little stuffed hamster.  He has his hands sewn together, and she told us it was because he is praying.  

I asked her what he was praying for.  She thought for a few seconds and as we waited for what we thought would be, "I don't know..."she said, "To be real."

We all said that was the most perfect answer. 
And it made my day.

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