Wednesday, August 25, 2010

la Pew, Pepe

(First of all, that's how you spell it, people.   Wikipedia says so.)

Spent the evening at the Hollywood Bowl...which is always a winner.  Especially when you have a great crew.  But tonight was extra special.  

Because it was a Gershwin tribute?  
Meh, yes.  

But also because we decided to wait out the crowd a bit and picnic longer than normal.  Our trusty Hollywood Bowl Park Ranger stopped to warn us of not just skunks in general, but 15 skunks specifically.  That would ravage our picnic site.

"Yes, sir.  Thank you, we'll watch out."  Ha. Ha. Ha.

But he was right.  They moved in quickly and didn't seem to be shy.

All of this to say...I love the irony of skunks.  Ya know, the ultimate in B.O. and the anticipation of what could happen.  But, guys...come on...cutest animal ever.  You just want to squeeze them.

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