Thursday, August 5, 2010

Yummm....foot flavored.

We have "Every Flavor Beans" at our office right now and they've been a fun activity.  There is indeed a jelly bean that we all agree tastes like feet and fart combined.  No one could keep it in their mouth long enough to swallow it.

Today, at the witching hour in the afternoon, my boss screams from his office, "Alright, everyone get ready, it's jelly bean time!"

He walked around to each of our desks and made us blindly select a jelly bean.  Then he'd watch with anticipation as we made our first few chews.  Each time, someone got cherry or bubble gum and my boss would sort of slouch and sigh. 

Alas, it was my turn.

And as always, made the boss proud.  Foot flavored for me!

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