Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Aliens and NPR

I get a lot of shit for listening to NPR on a regular basis. Mostly from Brian at work...who we affectionately call Brain. Brain hates NPR's overuse of sound effects and the uber liberal vibe on most of their shows. Brain also believes that there is an alien transmitter in Orange County that is brainwashing anyone within a 100 mile radius.

Even with the sound effects and Michelle who pronounces her name Meeshell; I like NPR. And there was a story today that warmed my heart.

A 14-year-old boy at a Chicago Red Wings game was handed a hockey stick from one of the players. As he was leaving, a relatively official looking older man stopped him and explained he wasn't allowed to have the stick without a parent. The kid tried to question this and the man told him he had to follow him to the ticket booth and he'd explain everything there.

The boy reluctantly handed the man the hockey stick and started following him to the ticket booth. Within seconds, the man had turned the other way and disappeared with the stick.

The thief's next stop: the bathroom.

While in the bathroom, another hockey fan (visiting from out of town) was admiring the Red Wings prize and offered the thief $100 for it. The thief considered what he might make on Ebay for the hockey stick and decided 100 bucks for beer RIGHT NOW might be a better option. Sold.

A few days after the game, the Chicago Tribune ran a story about the 14-year-old who had been duped. The out of town visitor heard about the story, realized the hockey stick wasn't rightfully his and MAILED IT BACK to the kid.

Heart. Warmed.
(I also hope everyone washed their hands.)

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  1. THIS is news; all that other stuff just brings us down. Warmed my heart this morning too.