Monday, January 5, 2009

Disney and the Two Finger Point Rule

I was happily reading my book, indian style, on the floor of Barnes and Noble when I was rudely interrupted by the overly helpful Barnes and Noble employee dutifully advising a costumer. I half read/half listened for 5 minutes and then realized this employee was my hero. He not only convinced this guy to buy online, have it shipped as a gift and save 20%; but he also managed to make small talk and truly LISTEN to him.

I'm a true sucker for customer service. Blame it on working for the Mouse, blame it on growing up in the south...doesn't matter, I swoon...always. It's just so nice, be people.

And this guy...this guy, from Delaware, with all of his 40-odd years....loved helping people find books. And I know, because I asked. He told me heroic stories of book-finding and title-sleuthing. I told him he made my day. I witnessed the entire event and he had given me hope that people still make an attempt to be truly helpful.

To be honest, I thought for a few moments that maybe my next career move should be: Overly Helpful Bookstore Employee. He seemed happier than me.

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