Thursday, January 29, 2009

Who Are You Sleeping With?

Just a little game my roommate and I play at EVERY concert we attend.
Pick the person in the band you would sleep with. Not have a relationship with, but sleep with.
You can't say "no one"

Tonight, I picked this guy.

And let's be honest, I was close enough to ACTUALLY sleep with him...unfortunately, he's happily married and I'm not that easy. Plus, that sort of ruins the game, doesn't it?

The man in the La Verne83 shirt rocked my world once he has done so many times before. AND we had a little chat after the show. I'm always a little apprehensive meeting someone I idolize.

What if they suck?
What if they're just not good people?

I like to keep the mystery alive.

Tonight, there is a little less mystery and I'm ok with that. This guy is kind and he listens to what you're saying (even if you're a little flustered and giddy) and his music and stage presence will forever make me smile until my cheeks hurt.

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