Saturday, January 31, 2009

Surfing on the Metro

I followed my friend's band, Killsonic, on their Metro trek today. They went from North Hollywood to Union Station playing trumpets, trombones, accordions and drums on and off the metro. And as if that wasn't cool enough...I met a couch surfer along my travels.

He's a few months into a year of travel throughout the US and so far has been enamored with California. I believe he said it was the friendliest place he'd been so far. Yay, us!

As I was getting off at my stop, I told my couch surfing friend to look me up on (neither one of us had a pen and paper) and to let me know if he ever ended up in Florida...I'd try to help him out.

Apparently I like to start drinking a tad bit early because the bar where I planned to meet a friend, wasn't open yet. So I headed to the only other downtown bar I know and guess who was there? Mr. Couch Surfer.

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