Friday, June 26, 2009

Bob, Jo Jo and Ralph

I love my neighborhood grocery store, Bob's. Even though its a little more expensive than Trader Joe's or Ralph's, I love the convenience and the small town feel it has. I don't know anyone by name, but I see the Deli Man, the Wine Man and the Check Out People so much, they feel like friends.

For the last couple weeks, I noticed one of my favorite items from the deli counter, JoJo Potatoes, was missing. JoJo Potatoes are these little pieces of fried and seasoned heaven. So I chatted with the Deli Man and he promised they'd be back soon.

Today, as I passed the glass case on my way in, I scoped it out for the pieces of heaven. Score! They were there. But my plan was to pick up juice and veggies and get out of there, so I passed them up. On my way back to the cash register, I couldn't resist, and walked straight over to the deli counter.

Deli man smiled and said, "I knew you'd be back."

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