Sunday, June 28, 2009

Yes, I'm 13, get over it

Spent the afternoon playing games and specifically, Settlers of Catan. First of all, I wasn't sure I'd even like this game. At first glance, with its gazillion pieces and medieval-Grapes of Wrath type artwork, it didn't look like my type of game. In the end, it was great. I really enjoyed it.

But that's not my sunshine.

There are goods you have to acquire in the game in order to purchase cities and roads -- which ultimately gain you points to win the game. You can acquire: Wheat, Wood, Sheep, Brick and Ore. (see...doesn't sound overly exciting)

Wood became quite the commodity during the game and everyone seemed to need it.

"Ok, I really need some wood."
"If Aaron would just give up his wood, then I could win."
"Alright, if you give me some wood, I'll give you some sheep."
"No...Charlie gets wood."

I giggled almost every time. It never got old.

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  1. that was the longest most epic Setters game i've ever played --Aaron