Saturday, June 27, 2009


We put in our first Westside Garden this morning, which was exciting for me because I could ride my bike to it.

A few of us stuck around to finish cleaning up and put the last few plants in the ground. A woman in her 70s approached us and mentioned that she had watered the roses that were already there a few times and was so grateful that we were adding to them and creating a garden. We explained who we were and what we do around the city and she was stunned. She couldn't believe we were volunteers.

She reached over and brushed some dirt off of Kenneth's shirt, almost as if she were his grandmother and said, "And I'm sure you guys could use some money." Again, just like a sweet grandmother. We sort of insisted no, but she reached in her wallet and handed us $20 and said, "That's all I can afford, but you guys just made my day. You really did."

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