Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cheese Whiz and other delicacies

In the past week or so, a conversation of differences has seemed to monopolize many of my conversations with friends. The following discrepancies have come up:

Velveta + Salsa + Microwave = Queso Dip or Texas Cheese
Eating corn on the cob -- in rows or in rounds?
Have you heard of Viennie Weenies?
While getting dressed -- sock, shoe, sock shoe OR sock, sock, shoe, shoe?
Where's THE Panhandle? -- Texas or Florida?
Asparagus Pee -- Yes or No?

Regardless of silly "this or that" questions, my friends are truly a funny bunch. I was listening to the wit and the banter fly around the room and caught myself cringing that my neighbors might bang on the wall and tell us to shut up. But then I realized there aren't many groups of people that have this much fun telling silly stories and laughing late on a Sunday evening.

So the neighbors will have to deal.
(Until, of course, all my friends move in to our complex and we start working on Singles, The Sequel.)


  1. Damn. I am sorry I missed it. However, I cannot pass up this opportunity to post my opinions!

    - i don't know what you semi-ethnic punks are thinking, but where I'm from, it's called Cheese Dip. (pronounced Cheeeeeze DEE-yap)
    - Rows or Rounds? Why not diagonal?
    - sock, sock, shoe shoe. who the hell gets fully dressed on one side while leaving the other side completely naked? what if there is a fire?!?! do you want to be the lopsided idiot outside getting one Jiffy-foot? Also, I wonder if this has geographic significance. If people in colder weather are more likely to sock first and shoe second... you know. to warm the tootsies.
    - Vienna Sausages? arent they just cocktail weenies? (thats what she said)
    - Panhandle is on both. but Florida's got better grip.
    - Asparagus + Milk... only if you hate your girlfriend