Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bounce, swoooosh...."What tha?"

Quickly running into a grocery store to find a toy is a thing of the past. The toy isle is sort of long gone.

I remember, as a kid, walking through every isle of the grocery store with my mom and asking when I was allowed to go the toy isle. I also remember trying to bounce bouncy balls from the toy isle OVER to the next isle and waiting to see if you could hear a reaction from the other side.

Today, I ran in to Vons thinking I'd grab something quickly and be done. But all the toys are now spread out on little displays throughout each and every isle. So in order to assess the best toy to buy, you'd have to peruse every single one. At first, I thought...annoooying. But then I realized, I LOVE going down every isle in the grocery store. There's something about the colors and the mass organization of things. You get stuck in there, sort of in a trance.

Bouncy balls, however, are recently hard to find.

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