Saturday, October 3, 2009

Excuse me, mam...

I was in search of free mulch today and ended up on the westside at a place that is supposed to offer it 7 days a week. However, every time I've been to pick it up, the place seems to be closed early. Just like every other time, today, I drove off annoyed and frustrated that I'd driven there with zero success.

However, this time after turning around 3 times in my car, I noticed a posted sign. Apparently the location had moved to the back of the building, just around the corner.

As I stopped my car, put my flashers on and hopped out to verify the sign....a man pulled up in a pick up truck with his beautiful dog hanging out the window and said, "Are you having car trouble?"

I responded that I was merely trying to find free mulch and he said, "Oh, I saw you pull over a couple times and get out, I thought you were having trouble so I turned around to make sure you were okay."

THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN IN LA. It just doesn't. Other places (i.e. Tennessee & Florida)....yes, it does. But it was so out of the ordinary today. And I loved it.

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