Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Everyone loves to puff out their chest and compare east coast and west coast. I'm technically partial to the east coast, but if you ask New Yorkers or even Bostonians, they'd tell you Florida is NOT the east coast and I should shut my mouth. Right.

So I, a girl from the SOUTH coast, was getting coffee today at my favorite local joint (Cafe Bolivar -- go here!) and the guy behind me saddled up next to me and said, "That's the sickest tatt I've seen in awhile."

Ah, but there's more to this sunshine than getting an early morning compliment.

I immediately thought..."Wow, I love when people are just friendly and talk to you. It doesn't happen very often here." And then I processed that he said "sick" -- which could mean he's east coast even though that word has morphed its way into everyone's vocabulary. But then (bear with my train of thought here), I thought of my friend Jane who was recently visiting from the east coast.

She came home after a day of gallivanting around and said, "LA is weird. People just talk to you...for no reason. It's creepy."

That was a long train to get here, but:
Friendly Strangers are great. No matter where you are or where they're from.

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