Monday, October 5, 2009

Lost and Found

As I pulled out my wallet to pay for lunch today, I realized a couple of my credit cards were missing -- namely, my LA Guerrilla Gardening bank card. My heart skipped a beat and I tried to remember the last time I saw it.

I decided it had to have fallen out in my bag and to not worry about it.

At the register, the cashier watched me as I autographed my receipt and then she sort of cocked her head and said, "Are you involved with gardening?"

Weird. "Yes I am."

"Are these yours?" She handed me a stack of cards, including my Guerrilla Gardening business cards. "I recognized your name. Someone JUST came in moments ago to drop these off...said they found them outside by the post office."

Thank you kind stranger who doesn't believe in finders keepers.

1 comment:

  1. Amazing coincidence; just shows there are decent people in this world; even in LA. Perfect sunshine for the day.