Saturday, October 24, 2009

Funny thing is, he DOES have a brain.

My brother once told me that event coordinators are crazy. And if only seen in action during an event, I'd probably agree with him.

They're usually rushing by you at astonishing speeds with two radios attached to their hip, paper coming out of every pocket, slightly strung out, bloodshot eyes and lots of shouting orders.

You can call me whatever you like.

But I've never felt CRAZY...definitely overwhelmed, frustrated, exhausted, capable of strangling "higher ups", unappreciated, slap happy and lost. But I've learned to hire the right support to make those feelings less intense.

It may not be advice in business school books to hire your friends, but I will forever do it. Knowing I can count on someone to truly put their heart into something (whether it's serving appetizers to Ben Stiller or hauling straw bales in 90 degree heat) is a quality that is nearly impossible to find.

This weekend, rushing around my event and seeing this guy sneeze straw just to make a kid laugh was worth the exhaustion, the frustration and the heat.

Sned, you're kind of my hero.

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