Tuesday, October 6, 2009

So maybe there's a theme lately...whatever.

Kids seem to have infiltrated my life lately, but this girl isn't complaining. I feel like I'm surrounding myself with kids on purpose...they tend to brighten almost any day.

Tonight I attended a Back to School Night at Cassidy Preschool. Which was sort of unexpected. I ran by to pick up photos from our Guerrilla Gardening dig and was lucky enough to stick around for a bit to see a friend schmooze with parents...but more importantly, see a friend in the middle of a dream realized. She (and her loving husband) made a dream come true when they opened their preschool. And I got to see it!

And as a bonus, when I got home to edit photos, found this gem. I mean, come on.

Other photos from the GG Day at Cassidy

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