Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Elite.

Today, I threw myself the biggest pity party I have in awhile. You should have been here, it was great.

After a day of teary movies and pining over various missing elements of this 30-year-old's life, I opened my computer to put on just one more sad song. Well, low and behold, look what was in my inbox:

Goodness gracious. Online dating validation. Do you need much more in life? And, I mean, if I made it in the top half of most attractive users...boys will be knocking down my door soon, right? Or at least my inbox. Sweeeet.

And what an honor, I've graduated to elite status. So now they're going to show me all the hot boys they've been hiding.

Thanks for the giggle, OKCupid. Needed it.

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