Thursday, June 3, 2010

It ain't gonna grow legs and put itself away...

I'm not sure if it stems from being a kid and being told what to do, but sometimes I hate putting things away. If you've seen my car, this is all making sense to you now. And for the record, sometimes having an eclectic mix of toys in my car makes for spontaneous fun. So shut it.

Right. So putting things away is especially irksome (yup, I used that word) when I've just busted my ass in the pool. The last thing I want to do is drag 25 meter lane lines back into the pool and fight that pokey metal end-piece to get it hooked to the wall.

Today, after the last goal was scored and I begrudgingly started swimming toward the pile of lane lines, my coach yelled, "No lane lines today. There's a game in the morning, so don't worry about it."

Yessssss. Made my day.

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