Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tennessee does it right.

I'm sort of anti food photos. Ya know, when people post pictures of a meal they've cooked or some amazing dish at a restaurant. It's just weird to me.

And today, I'm anti this particular food photo posting by a family member because it's making my mouth water and leaving me pining for home.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce you to:

The very famous pulled pork BBQ sandwich.
Carefully smoked (for hours upon hours) by the one and only, Harriet Pontius. (my mama)
And smothered with homemade coleslaw and top-secret recipe Hell Jess hot sauce.

Everything about this sandwich is spectacular and represents the southern roots I'm so proud of:
  • Messy meals that drip onto your plate and beg you to lick your fingers.
  • Passed down secret recipes: It's called Hell Jess, because my grandfather used to sit down at the table, sandwich ready to be devoured and would say to my grandmother (Jessie), "Hell, Jess where's the hot sauce?"
  • Food that doesn't have a nutrition label
  • and Family

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